Incedo Business Plus security management

Integrate all your systems within a single platform

Incedo Business Plus enables the integration of your access control system with a growing range of security points and systems. It simplifies security management in any building, no matter how large.

Plus is the first Incedo Business system management solution which can integrate with third-party hardware — from video to CCTV, elevators to biometrics systems.

The Incedo Business Plus solution is ideal for large organizations and multinationals, because it can control up to 25 sites and 500 doors per system. It offers the capability to manage and run complex reports. As with all Incedo system management options, Plus gives you the power to scale up or down almost instantly as your needs change.

This high-end management solution is subscription based and designed with system collaboration in mind, creating a flexible solution which streamlines security in even the most complex organizations.

Incedo Business Plus offers more integrations, more control, and maximum security.

Why choose Incedo Business Plus?

  • Take control of exactly who should access which doors — and when
  • Switch between Incedo Lite, Plus and Cloud whenever you choose
  • Manage all your security systems from a single, unified platform
  • Solve complex security challenges with a system built around you

Key Incedo Business Plus system management features:

  • Advanced access control features
  • Full system support
  • Proven third-party system integrations
  • Multi-PC usage
  • Access for up to 20,000 people
  • Customised reports
  • Online help tool providing immediate, responsive support