Промышленные и коммунальные строения

Промышленные и коммунальные строения сталкиваются с многочисленными проблемами безопасности. В их число входят тяжелые погодные условия, требовательная среда отделений НИИ и прочие помещения с разными правами доступа.

Main areas where ASSA ABLOY can offer an integrated solution:

Perimeter and grounds security: access control systems allow remote monitoring of the facilities from a central location and ensure that all visitor access is controlled.
Sensitive R&D, manufacturing and storage areas: high-security and customized blast proof and fire doors ensure the safety of the people and equipment in the event of an explosion or a fire. High-security doors integrated with access control systems are also important in restricting access to off-limits areas.
Outdoors facilities: electromechanical locking systems, mechanical locks and padlocks designed to operate under extreme weather conditions deliver the protection of outdoors facilities.
Safety lockout of machinery: safety lockout padlocks ensure machinery and vehicles are not operated during maintenance operations, avoiding accidents.
Emergency exits: rapid exit solutions combining ease of egress security, including fit-for-purpose fire doors and panic exit systems that protect both people and property during emergencies and prevent intrusion from the outside at all times.