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Main areas where ASSA ABLOY can offer an integrated solution:

Perimeter and grounds security: access control systems allow remote monitoring of the facilities from a central location and ensure that all visitor access is controlled.
Main entrances: automated sliding, revolving or swinging doors that can absorb high levels of traffic combined with electronic access control systems that allow remote monitoring from a central location and log in the details of visitors who have entered the facility.
Public areas: physical and logical access control solutions can be used and tailored to allow or limit access to areas such as restrooms, cafeterias and auditoriums at set times of day.
Locker rooms and VIP areas: remotely managed access control solutions combined with security systems including CCTV ensure that the right people are granted entry at the right time and kept out at all other times.
Emergency exits: rapid exit solutions combining ease of egress security, including fit-for-purpose fire doors and panic exit systems that protect both people and property during emergencies and prevent intrusion from the outside at all times.